Love the look of chalkboard art, but nervous to give it a try?

Chalkboards are so crazy-popular right now—in the home, in shops, cafés, restaurants, at events, weddings, craft shows—they are everywhere!

If you are a shop or café owner, restauranteur, crafter/maker, wedding or event planner—or somebody who loves home décor projects—join me for this 75-minute online workshop where you will learn my foolproof process to flawless chalkboard art!

Participants will learn the basics of typography, how to use your computer to layout your signage, menu or artwork, simple borders + embellishments, and my easy-as-123 transfer process that guarantees perfect results every time! (Pssst… This process works on more than just chalkboards!)

Duration: 75mins (1 hour, 15 minutes)
Lifetime access

IMPORTANT: Once payment is complete, you will receive a link + password on the following screen + via email.

• access to a black and white printer (for the PDF worksheets included)
• a chalkboard surface, at least 12 x 18″
• white and coloured chalk
• white and coloured chalk markers
• a rag
• a chalkboard eraser
• a small paintbrush (to erase tiny areas)
• cotton swabs (like Q-tips, to blend + erase)
• a ballpoint pen
• tape
• water

This workshop is an edited recording of an online event with live audience participation, originally aired June 27, 2018.